Do I bring my own clubs?
Yes; and they will be cleaned for you at the beginning of your session, for free! Right-handed and left-handed clubs are available for rent.

Can I use my own golf balls?
No, please use only the provided Nike RZN Tour balls. This is a premium golf ball. Other models (even Pro V1s), scuffed, and dirty golf balls can damage the screens. Anyone found to be using other golf balls will be banned and held liable for damages!

Can I share the simulator with my friends?
Yes, share it with your entire foursome at no additional cost! Hourly rates are per simulator, not per person.

How long should I book the simulator for?
A typical 18-hole round on a simulator should take about 1 hour per person. Add to this however much time you would like to warm up. Or use TrackMan as a driving range and book for however long you would like to practice.

How does it work?
A highly sophisticated dual Doppler radar (TrackMan) tracks and measures the golf club and ball. With just a few feet of flight before the ball hits the screen, it is able to measure the ball speed, spin rate, spin axis, and launch angle, and use that information to precisely calculate how the entire ball flight would have gone outdoors.
The radar is connected to a computer and integrated with TrackMan Performance Studio and JNPG virtual golf course software. The computer is connected to a projector, which displays to the screen. You simply hit the ball into the screen and immediately see it travel down a virtual golf course or range. And you can see your TrackMan numbers immediately after every swing.

How accurate is it? How can I be sure that is how my shot really would have gone?
Every TrackMan measurement and calculation (including ball flight) has been tested and proven to be extremely accurate and highly reliable. The ball flight you see on the screen is exactly how it would have gone outdoors, on every shot. This is world-class technology and highly superior to the “launch monitors” at many retailers. TrackMan is trusted by the world’s best players and coaches, and every major golf equipment manufacturer.