TrackMan provides precise measurements from the exact moment of impact such as:

Club Speed – mph
Ball Speed – mph
Smash Factor Рball speed divided by club speed Рthe quality of contact, or how well the sweet spot was hit
Carry, Total Distance, Height, and Side Distance – yards *calculated
Club Path – degrees – out-to-in or in-to-out
Face Angle – degrees – open or closed
Attack Angle – degrees – hitting down or up on the ball
Face to Path – degrees – the difference between club path and face angle – this determines the direction and curvature of the shot
Dynamic Loft – degrees – amount of loft delivered by the club face at impact
Launch Angle – degrees – angle ball launches relative to ground
Spin Rate – rpm
Spin Axis – degrees – the direction of the spin
Swing Plane – degrees – angle between club shaft and ground

*When used indoors, TrackMan calculates the full ball flight data, based on initial measurements of ball speed, spin rate, spin axis, and launch angle. Like every TrackMan measurement, all of these calculations are proven to be extremely accurate

More features

Video – immediately watch your swing back on slow motion video, with user-friendly tools to draw lines and angles to help analyze it
Optimizer – see how far your shot could have gone, based on your club speed – you might be surprised!
Courses – play virtual golf courses from around the world
Ball Flight Illustration Рan outline of the entire ball flight (like on TV) from side, overhead, and down-the-line views Рuse this to see how your personal ball flight / distance is affected by uphill and downhill targets, and for an easier way to judge fades, draws, and trajectory